Protect your home and enjoy even more benefits with our wide selection of siding options and experienced installation. 

Vinyl siding is more than what makes your Lexington, SC home look great. Vinyl siding is a huge part of protecting your home from the elements. When we’re working with you to install or repair vinyl siding on your Lexington SC home, we offer a free consultation and an easy-to-understand quote. Our vinyl siding options provide you with both quality and affordability. 

Our vinyl siding is moisture resistant, low maintenance and weather resistant. It provides climate control and long term durability while being cost effective. 

While many people view the siding on their Lexington SC home as being purely aesthetic, it’s so much more than that. At Hutcheson Mechanical & Exteriors, we work with clients on their vinyl siding installation to beautify their home while protecting the structural integrity, keeping out pests and rain to prevent future vinyl siding repair expenses.